Consorzio di Sviluppo Economico della Venezia Giulia

Institutional purposes

Today the purpose of the Consortium is to have environmental friendly developing industrial areas. We are working out a program in order to incorporate in a proper way sites and companies in enabling them to be competitive and open to new opportunities. We also promote the creation of useful services for entrepreneurs and employees.
It is a program therefore oriented towards the recovery of degraded areas and abandoned building, with the participation of established companies in complementary actions of support.


Our strategic targets are:
  • implementation of infrastructure projects (infrastructures for sustainable mobility, roads, public spaces);

  • regulations and planning in order to be ready to welcome any opportunity offered by major industries or private companies attracted by the characteristics of the territory;

  • services which, although related to specific economic analyzes of each company, can be interpreted as an important signal of "membership" in the logic of the industrial area as a whole (as for example:  implementation of a service area within the industrial area, with crèche service, executive center, canteens, recreation and sports facilities, trade and service sectors, bank / post office, public park);

  • acquisition of property, or long-term granting of properties and areas.




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