Consorzio di Sviluppo Economico della Venezia Giulia

Companies established

Company Sector
Repair and maintenance of electrical equipment for industrial commercial use
Manufacture of cosmetics and electro medical equipment
Shipping and customs clearing agent
Garbage collection, treatment and disposal; reuse of materials
Retail sale of building materials, ceramics and tiles
Coloring and installation of glass
Carpentry, manufacture of wood elements
Manufacture of furniture
Office for technical drawing
Electrical installations in buildings or other constructions (including maintenance and repair)
Installation of motors, generators and transformers; of power distribution and power controlling systems
Construction, installation, maintenance and servicing of equipment and machinery
Construction and installation of furniture and fixtures on ships
Agents and representatives of building materials
General mechanics
Restoration and repair of pleasure boats
Manufacture of lifting and handling equipment
Installation of plumbing, heating and air conditioning equipment (including maintenance and repair) in buildings and other construction projects
Wholesale of perfumes and cosmetics



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